Technical documentation

The company’s specialists promptly and efficiently develop technical documentation. Such documents are used for the design, creation and operation of facilities. These include various devices and industrial equipment.

Any industrial production, program or system can exist and be operated normally only in the presence of set of technical documentation.
Development of technical documentation is the key to the quality of the final product. In this case, the developer is required specific to have knowledge and skills, as well as considerable labor costs. Our experts are ready to engage in the development of technical documentation of any complexity.

The development of technical documentation is the creation of a set of documents that regulate the production of products, control not only the finished batch, but also the raw materials. Technical regulation ensures the safety and quality of the manufactured goods.

The company also develops documentation for consulting and research methods in various industries, review and analysis of non-standard media technologies, determines unique competitive parameters of the product and price threshold, analysis and presentation of pretentions, product positioning technologies (what and how are sold, key product metrics), the formation of final market concepts, determines the media potential of the basic economic models, the potential coverage, the calculation of budget projects by urentno-capable price range.

A group of specialists conducts the formation of customer matrices in business areas and the development of packages of advertising opportunities for various advertisers.

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