About Us

The company «Magnate» has been a reliable supplier of a wide range of consumer goods produced by the leading foreign firms for many years.

We can always offer a wide range of consumer goods and services:

  • Food
  • Truck spare parts
  • Industrial equipment
  • Real estate
  • Co-production of medicines
  • Co-production of polypropylene products

We collaborate with over a thousand of different companies around the globe. We deliver goods to different trade organizations: shops, networks, online stores, wholesale companies. We also work with production companies and corporate clients. High quality and impeccable service are guaranteed for our customers.

The development of international economic relations by means of the organization of international cooperation of production has been becoming increasingly widespread during the last decade. Collaborative entrepreneurship contributes to the world economy and also plays a significant role in the formation of market infrastructure.

The list of collaborative projects of our company includes the production of medicines in the Baltic states and the production of polypropylene products in the Central Europe.

Understanding the principles of work in each of the company’s directions and successful work in our business segments provides us with the opportunity to obtain the necessary information, knowledge and experience, thus ultimately allowing us to make profitable and competitive offers to our partners.

We continue to develop and don’t stop at our current achievements. If you are interested in developing your business, we are ready to discuss with you the possibility of collaboration. We also consider proposals concerning industrial buildings. With your suggestions for cooperation, you can contact us using the data in the «Contacts» section.

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